Be it a summer afternoon or a calm and chill spring evening, cocktails are the best drink for any occasion you can think of. From drinking at a sophisticated party to going to a club with your friends, cocktails are the best drink to introduce you to a fantastic taste and give you the right kick you need. On the other hand, the best side dish you can imagine when drinking your cocktails is the perfect grill and charred barbequed meat.

However, not every drink goes well with every type of meat. But what is the best BBQ meat, and what are the best cocktails to pair with it? So, we’re here to help you fix the problem! The following are some of the best drink and BBQ meat pairings that will undoubtedly boost your relaxation experience and set the tone for the day.

Tom Terrific With Smoked Pork Shoulder Or Bacon

Smoked Pork

The Tom Terrific drink combined with barbequed pork tastes just as good as it sounds. A lemony sweet drink blended with some Old Tom gin served chilled will undoubtedly provide the punch you need. To have the ultimate cocktail experience, pair it with succulent and juicy pork meat blended in with wonderful bits of fat that are crackling, spicy, a little peppery, and loaded with smokey flavour.

Surfer Turfer Martini With Barbequed Steak And Prawn

Are you a fan of grilled steak and prawns but don’t know what to serve them with? You can never go wrong with a traditional martini, which will offer you the appropriate amount of zing from the vodka and gin, as well as some zesty flavour with it. Pair it with two of the meats you mentioned to satisfy your taste buds!

Margarita With Chicken And Sausage


When in doubt, stick to the basics! A classic Margarita never goes wrong when coupled with smokey chicken and sausage. A salty and lemony drink will always work well with even the most basic tasting meats that are simple to prepare but much more wonderful to enjoy together.

Classic Mojito With Jerk Pork

Are you looking for a cool drink and a spicy beef dish to go with it? A cool and minty mojito paired with a fiery jerk pork dish is always the best option. The smokey flavour of the hot jerk marinade flavour, along with a refreshing summer drink, will balance out the heat of the pork and leave you feeling completely relaxed.

Hurricane With Pork Ribs

Hurricane With Pork Ribs

Nothing comes close to the delicious and meaty pork ribs. Serve it with a fruity rum cocktail Hurricane and smoky and spicy pork ribs as a side dish to keep your palate alert throughout the evening.

To Sum Up

These are some of the best combinations you can have when having a cocktail party. Choose the best based on your preferences and please your friends or yourself this season by coupling the tastiest meat with the best drink.